A Note Regarding the Status of the Rochelle Park Library

On Friday, May 12th, BCCLS officially voted to terminate the Rochelle Park Library’s membership, a process expected to be completed within the month. We assure you that this does not mean the end of the Rochelle Park Library. We have a plan set into motion to replicate many of the library services to which you have become accustomed.
*We will fulfill your item requests by
• Continuing to welcome purchase requests for our catalog
• Participating in a book leasing program in which we will get multiple copies of bestsellers, book club selections, and popular titles/authors on the shelves for as long as they are in high demand
• Participating with JerseyCat, the interlibrary loan program run by the NJ State Library
*We will provide downloadable/streaming eContent through
• Overdrive (eBooks and audiobooks)
• Hoopla (eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies, comics, and TV shows)
*We will work to keep an open dialogue with Midland School in order to provide the content needed for their curricula.
*We are working to reconfigure our website, rplibrary.org, to enable patrons to access our new catalog and make requests.
*We will continue to provide free internet access and programming for all ages.

We expect the gaps in services during our switch to a standalone library to be minimal, if at all. However, if we find we will need to temporarily close for a few days for staff training, we will give as much advance notice as possible, and apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to the Library Director, Julia Perrotta. She can also be reached by e-mail at: